Educational Programs

A system of financial support and scholarships has been established, which has helped the children of the producer members and our team, with their school education and has allowed them to participate in technical or in higher education courses, which otherwise would probably not have been possible.

It is a matter of great pride for Lautaro Wines that currently more than 30 young adults have obtained their technical and professional qualifications as agricultural engineers, social workers, nurses, civil engineers, philosophers, journalists, etc., which represents a significant change in their environment and community.

Training Activities

Environmental sustainability projects have been implemented including talks, seminars, technical tours, demonstrations and training activities for our partners and team, and this has resulted in major advances in their professional and personal development, quality, productivity and environmental protection.


Contributions are made for health cover to cover the costs of medical appointments, tests, medicine, medical treatments and prostheses for members, workers and their families.


We sponsor recreational activities for members, workers and their families, such as group vacations, trips and dinners, etc. which are fundamental to maintain the identity, unity and the mutual knowledge of the most important aspect of our organization, its people.


Special support is provided for our members, if they are affected by natural phenomenona such as frosts, drought, excess rainfall during harvest time, pests, etc.

The earthquake that hit our area in 2010 caused a particularly difficult situation, destroying or seriously damaging the houses and facilities of many of our producers, to which we provided the necessary support for repairs and reconstruction.

Environmental Care

Our production is entirely based on the direct work of small producers, so particular attention is given to environmental care and sustainable management being an important part of our production Organic certified.

Our company has been awarded by the Clean Production Agreement certification by the Chilean State.


We work with local communities to spread the importance of Fair Trade, responsible consumption and economic sustainability, social and environmental sustainability.  

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