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Lautaro Wines

Welcome to our past, present and future

The story of our association began in 1997 when 17 small scale grape producers grouped together to form the Sociedad Vitivinícola Sagrada Familia S.A, in the Lontué Valley, to produce fine wines under the principles of Fair Trade for different markets in the world, bringing the fruit of our efforts, land, climate and joy to thousands of households.

Fundamental was the support of the Belgian NGO OXFAM Wereldwinkels, who sought in Chile a company of our profile, to bring to the old world, wines of the small scale family agriculture.

Lautaro Wines has now operated for over 20 years under the philosophy of Fair Trade and exported wines to Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, France, Finland, Brazil, Mexico and Canada. Now you can enjoy the pride of our small producers at your table.

Lautaro Wines award ProChile Enexpro

Recognition as Highlighted exporter of Maule region in 2017

With great pride we received the recognition from ProChile, as “Highlighted exporter of the Maule region during year 2017”. The recognition and award was given at the annual ENEXPRO...

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Lautaro Wines visit to Europe

Lautaro Wines visit to European customers

On March 2017, Lautaro Wines travelled to Europe to meet with our customers, friends and to hold presentations and meetings for our Fair Trade and Organic wines. We visited...

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Fair Trade seminar Curico 2017

International Fair Trade Seminar

Within the celebration activities of the 20th anniversary of Lautaro Wines, a Fair Trade seminar was held in the city of Curicó, where more than 200 participants took part...

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Lautaro Wines group celebrations Sagrada Familia

Lautaro Wines Celebrates its 20th anniversary !

In January 2017 Lautaro Wines celebrated its 20 years as an organization of small scale producers. To the celebration activities came friends and partners from Belgium, United Kingdom, Finland,...

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